Chris Barlow's Visual Basic Programmers Journal Columns

1999 Columns

April 1999: Create an Application Launcher

March 1999: Class Persistence With VB

Learn how to persist-or store-data in VB classes using simple file techniques.

February 1999: Add a toolbar to your App

Learn how to add a toolbar to your application.

January 1999: Convert and Edit Data

Write a VB program to handle data conversion, and learn to add custom editing features to it.

1998 Columns

December 1998 WebClasses Make Registration Easy

Use VB6’s new WebClass technology to easily build flexible and powerful Internet applications.

November 1998 Manipulate Data With VB6’s New Grid Control

Use VB6’s new Data Environment and Data Form Wizard with the Hierarchical FlexGrid control to view and change data.

October 1998 Manage Strings Easily in VB6

Build a powerful utility class by combining the new Split and InstrRev functions with the FileSystemObject.

September 1998 Create Programmable Applications

Make your apps more flexible and powerful.

August 1998  Serve Data to Your Clients

It’s simple to use a Web-server method to share information across systems.

July 1998 Store Language Strings in a Resource File

Design your app for multiple languages by storing all the strings in a resource file.

June 1998 Track Code Changes

Create an add-in to flag changes with programmers’ initials and change date.

May 1998 Add E-Mail Registration to Your Server

Extend a class so you can easily reuse user information in all your apps.

April 1998 Create a User Registration Class

Build a class so you can easily reuse user information in all your apps.

March 1998 Use the Registry to Save Information

Incorporate the full power of the registry—a system database that allows multilevel keys and values.

February 1998 Put COM Interfaces to Work

Use COM interfaces to build a document management app that converts text files.

January 1998 Track Component Use with Excel VBA

Use Excel 97 to analyze file usage across your Visual Basic projects.


1997 Columns

Getting Started 9712.pdf

Getting Started 9711.pdf

Getting Started 9710.pdf

Getting Started 9709.pdf

Getting Started 9708.pdf

Getting Started 9707.pdf

Getting Started 9706.pdf

Getting Started 9705.pdf

Getting Started 9704.pdf

Getting Started 9703.pdf

Getting Started 9702.pdf

Vbacol 9701.pdf

1996 Columns

Vbacol 9612.pdf

Vbacol 9611.pdf

Vbacol 9610.pdf

Vbacol 9609.pdf

Vbacol 9608.pdf

Vbacol 9607.pdf

Vbacol 9606.pdf

May 1996 - Split Your Windows

April 1996 - What's Your Status

March 1996 - Add a Toolbar to Your App

February 1996 - Your First VB4 App (Text Editor)

January 1996 - Property Procedures


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